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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

img_vs_pumpIt has been said that the largest energy hog at home isn’t in the home at all!  Your pool pump is second in energy consumption only to your HVAC system. Many pool owners don’t realize how much their pump is costing them because they are already expecting an increase in their electric utilities bill during the summer months due to air conditioning.  But the math doesn’t lie! Take a look at these staggering numbers.

3285 Watts/hour to operate average residential pool pump
X   12 Hours per day (average run time per day)
39.42 kWh (Kilowatt hours) per day
X  .16 cost per kWh after fees and taxes
$6.31 energy cost per day to run pump
X 124 Average 4 month long season
$783.68 Cost Per Season to Operate Pump!

Standard pool pumps are energy hogs! They use an induction motor to turn the shaft that is connected to the impeller, which in turn, pumps the water. Induction motors are known to be terribly inefficient. A sure sign of energy waste is the fact that during normal operation the body of the pump runs extremely hot, even to the point of causing a burn if touched. Heat is a by-product of unused, wasted energy. Permanent magnet motors are many times more efficient. Their efficiency has made hybrid cars as well as electric cars a reality. Permanent magnet motors are now being used in pool pumps. A permanent magnet motor driven by a variable frequency drive has dramatically improved efficiency while slashing energy cost. Once again the numbers don’t lie.

1150 Watts/hour to operate a Variable Speed Pool Pump
X   18 Hours per day*
20.70 kWh (Kilowatt hours) per day
X  .16 cost per kWh after fees and taxes
$3.31 energy cost per day to run pump
X 124 Average 4 month long season
$410.44 Cost Per Season to Operate Pump!

*pump runs longer but moves the same amount of water because it runs at a lower speed.

As demonstrated Variable Speed pumps dramatically reduce energy consumption which equates to hundreds of saved dollars per year. Variable speed pumps offer these additional benefits:


  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor
  • No dirt or moisture can get into motor because it is completely sealed.
  • No Heat generated from wasted energy which degrades motor over time.
  • Built in sensors that keeps pump from running without water.


  • Registers in at only 45dB.
  • The quietest pool pump in the world.


  • Runs multiple schedules at different speeds.
  • Will run up to 3.5HP for waterfalls and other water features.

Better Filtration and Circulation

  • Running system slower increases filters efficiency at removing dirt.
  • Running longer means better circulation which reduces algae growth.

Variable speed pumps are a no-brainer. Even Peco recognizes their value and is offering a $150 rebate for all consumers who upgrade their current pump to a Variable Speed pool pump. Contact Us for a free in home energy audit of your current system. Allow us to demonstrate how we can save you hundreds in utilities each year.