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The Vinyl Liner and Safety Cover Specialists in Bucks and Montgomery County Quick Quote

Safety Covers in Bucks County and Montgomery County

Sparklean Pools is Bucks and Montgomery Counties leading Pool Safety Cover Dealer! We feel that a properly secure and safe cover is the most important product you will purchase for your pool. Whether you own a Vinyl Liner, Concrete, or Fiberglass inground pool you and your family will benefit greatly from a properly fitting and secure safety cover.  Safety covers are easy to put on and take off, they are the safest, and are the most attractive way to cover your pool.  Safety covers are available in different material variations within the two main categories of Solid and Mesh Covers.  Type, Size, and shape of pool as well as trees and surroundings will dictate which cover is best for your pool. Mesh covers last longer and are lighter weight making removal and setup easier. Solid covers keep pool cleaner and keep your pool water more balanced although requiring an automatic cover pump.  Allow Sparklean Pools to help you pick the appropriate type of cover fitting both your lifestyle and your inground pool type.  Inground pool owners chose to cover their pool with a safety covers for a variety of reasons. While contemplating a new safety cover system or a replacement cover please keep in mind the following 6 advantages to a professionally installed safety cover by Sparklean Pools.


An inground pool winterized with a tarp held in place by waterbags is the most dangerous way to cover a pool. Imagine yourself or someone you love slipping into a closed pool full of dirty water and leaves on top of a paper thin non secure cover. The more you try to get out the more the cover wraps around your body making it impossible to swim. Unfortunately, year after year, this unnecessary situation claims the lives of unsuspecting people.

A custom made Safety Cover by Sparklean Pools dramatically reduces the risk of drowning to next to nothing.  Never again will your pool cover collect standing water. Our safety covers are strong enough to support yourself, your children, your dogs and cats, and the rest of your family all at the same time.  All of our covers meet or exceed safety ASTM Standards ES1346-91.


Our winter cover systems do not require any kind of weights like water bags, cinder blocks, ect.  Simply thread up each brass anchor and secure stainless steel tensioned spring with supplied tool. Work your way around the perimeter of pool and your safety cover is secured for the entire winter in 15 minutes or less. Our cover systems are designed to keep all rainwater and tree dirt off of cover and out of your pool.

A clean, dry winter cover makes pool openings a breeze.  Simply unhook each spring from its anchor, and thread down each anchor flush with pool decking. Fold cover on pool decking as you pull cover off of pool.  Once folded into a neat stack on pool decking, slide into supplied bag and store in a clean dry location. Through our manufacturer, Garrett Covers (,) we are now offering a Lightweight Solid winter cover as well as an Ultra Mesh winter cover for the same price as the standard solid material. Please Contact Us for details.


If your are familiar with the standard tarp and waterbags approach to covering a pool you are no doubt disappointed with its short product life. Generally you are offered three different grades of tarps: a 5-year, 8-year, and 10-year (or “Good, Better, Best”). If you’re lucky, the best tarp you can find on the market today will give you 3-4 years of service.

Our winter cover systems are given a real 10 or 15 year Safety Cover Warranty. Solid covers in our area generally last for 10-12 years. Mesh and Ultra Mesh covers can last upwards of 20 years! This is possible due to the superior materials used in our cover’s construction. The cover itself is UV resistant Polypropylene, or Polyester Reinforced Vinyl. One inch wide nylon straps that sandwich the material and run the full length and width of the entire cover differentiates us from our competitors. Heavy duty dual coil stainless steel springs and solid brass concrete anchors makes our covers unbelievable strong and durable. Contact Us for a free product demonstration.


No longer does your backyard have to be an eyesore for over six months out of the year. Our Safety Covers are custom made and tensioned tight to fit your pool perfectly. A taught cover equates to a “standing water free” cover, which in turn, dramatically improves the appearance of your entire backyard! They say “A picture speaks a thousand words,” so check out our project pictures for some before and after photos of some pools we have installed our custom made safety covers on.


Each and every Safety Cover we sell is custom made to fit its respective pool perfectly.  Contact Us to come to your home and perform a free, no pressure measurement. Once we have taken your pool’s measurements we submit these values to our manufacturer ( Next, we present you with a fixed price quote (not an estimate).  If you decide to move ahead with the order the submitted measurements are converted into a CAD file which can be processed by a fully automated CNC cutting table. Once your cover is cut it is triple-stitched together by one of the industries best cover manufacturers. Sparklean Pools along with Garrett Covers guarantees that your cover will fit your pool perfectly.


You will find that Sparklean Pools offers the highest quality materials offered at the best prices around.  Our prices are low because of these main reasons:

  1. We do not rent or own expensive retail space, we bring our showroom to you.
  2. Most of our business comes from referrals not expensive ad campaigns.
  3. Our Covers are made by a local manufacturer eliminating shipping and handling fees.
  4. Due to our high volumes we are able to buy our covers at an excellent rate.
  5. We purchase our covers directly from the manufacturer. Many companies are required to purchase through a distributor who in turn upsells cover to the dealer. Because of our long buying history we are able to eliminate the middle man.


Sparklean Pools has literally measured and installed over one thousand safety covers in Bucks, Montgomery and surrounding counties. We have covered every type of pool imaginable from small rectangular backyard pools to freeform multi level commercial pools. We look forward to challenging decking, waterfall, grotto, and water feature situations. Recommending and measuring the appropriate safety cover for your pool is a serious responsibility. We feel that only a company’s owner should shoulder this responsibility. As the owner of Sparklean Pools I make it a point to personally measure, quote and inspect each one of our safety cover projects. As the consumer you are guaranteed to deal with the most qualified person available to aid you in your purchase decision. We take our reputation very seriously and our track record proves it! Please take a look at our reviews page and note that our ratings on Angies List and Home Advisor are second to no other local company.

Contact Us today for your free measure and estimate. Then compare us to our competitors and see our superior quality and price for yourself.