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Open and Close Scheduling


The Vinyl Liner and Safety Cover Specialists in Bucks and Montgomery County Quick Quote

Pool Opening and Closing Services

If you are an existing Sparklean Pools customer, please click here to access our online opening/closing scheduling app.


If you are not yet a Sparklean Pools customer, but would like to inquire about our opening and closing services, please contact us. 

Sparklean Pools is proud to say that we now Open and/or Close over 350 pools in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Chances are we take care of a pool in your neighborhood (See what your neighbors have said about our open and close services, link to reviews page). Sparklean Pools distinguishes itself from its competition by offering complete Open and Close Services with prices ranging from $400.00 – $500.00. Please call or email for more information about our unparalleled service and price.  Here is a list of services rendered at each of our openings and closings.

Pool Openings

A) Sparklean’s Included Open Services

  • Remove safety cover and thread down all deck anchors.
  • Clean, dry and stow away cover for the pool season.
  • Remove all winter plugs and reinstall baskets, and pool returns.
  • Prep and prime pump and filter system and inspect for leaks.
  • Lubricate O-rings as required and tighten all fittings and unions.
  • Unsure system is running properly and load DE if required.
  • Set up automatic cleaner and unsure proper operation.
  • Set all valves to their appropriate positions for standard operation.
  • Vacuum entire pool surface to waste, removing winter dirt and debris.
  • Skim water surface.
  • Reinstall handrails and ladders.
  • Add 5 gallons of Liquid Chlorine (Sparklean supplies).
  • Instruct pool owner of any future care required.

B) Pool Owners Responsibility

  • Raise water level to around 2” higher than Normal Operating Level.
  • Ensure easy access to skimmer baskets, return fittings, cover bag and DE if required.

Pool Closings

A) Sparklean’s Included Close Services

  • Lower water level based on pool and cover type if needed.
  • Disassemble filter system, clean and inspect thoroughly, and reassemble.
  • Blow out each skimmer, return, and main drain plumbing lines.
  • Add antifreeze to lines and filter system if needed.
  • Plug returns and thread a Gizzmo in each skimmer (Sparklean supplies).
  • Quick clean bottom and surface with skim net.
  • Remove handrails and ladders.
  • Add winter closing chemical kit (Sparklean supplies).
  • Reinstall pool cover and cover pump if equipped.

B) Pool Owners Responsibility

  • Lower Water Level to bottom of skimmers if able (concrete pools only).
  • Have pool as clean as possible with water chemistry balanced properly.
  • Ensure easy access to pool cover and winter plugs.