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The Vinyl Liner and Safety Cover Specialists in Bucks and Montgomery County Quick Quote

Inground Vinyl Liners In Bucks County and Montgomery County

As more and more families purchase vinyl liner swimming pools the inevitable need for liner replacements continues to grow. Even under ideal circumstances liners generally need replacing every 12-15 years. The effects of the sun and chlorine use degrade all vinyl liners over time. The good news is that replacing your liner is relatively inexpensive and can generally be completed in one day. Sparklean Pools has built there business around replacing inground vinyl liners. Over 18 years of experience has taught us the importance of installing quality liners that fit perfectly.



Important things to keep in mind about vinyl liner replacements:


  • Proper Fit is Key! It doesn’t matter how thick a liner is, or how many years the manufacture warranties the liner, if it doesn’t fit properly it will fail prematurely!


Too Tight: If the liner is two tight it is prone to pulling away from the bead receiver (section of coping in which the liner hooks into). Also, an excessively tight fitting liner is forced to stretch to an unhealthy degree. This can dramatically “thin” the liner causing a 20mil liner to perform like a 10 mil thick garbage bag. Tight liners also cause undo stress on seams which leads to seam failures and “blow-outs.”


Too Loose: If the liner is made too big for the existing pool, excess material will bunch up or wrinkle on the floor and/or walls. This condition causes three main problems. A deep wrinkle or flap of material can eventually become brittle and may crack after being stepped on and forced back and forth repeatedly. Also, even small wrinkles provide crevasses for algae and dirt to collect, making vacuuming rather difficult. A loose liner is also prone to falling out of the bead receiver.


  • Wall and Floor Prep: Like a painter, a liner professional’s job is 90% preparation. No liner will last long if it doesn’t rest up against clean smooth surfaces. Some inground liner pools have galvanized steel walls, some are aluminum, and still others are wood or a composite material. Unfortunately none of these materials last forever. Eventually they all begin to rust, pit, rot, or break-down. Therefore it is vital to have a professional address these situations prior to hanging a new liner in your pool. Sparklean has fixed many, many conditions that would have destroyed a new liner if not addressed. Many times there is a quick, inexpensive fix we will recommend at time of installation.


  • A Good Working Relationship Between Installer and Manufacturer: In most cases the manufacturer will never see the pool they are building a custom made liner for. Therefore it is vital for the dealer to supply the manufacture with extremely accurate and thorough measurements. One mistake can cause the whole liner to be unusable. At Sparklean we spend a great deal of time measuring and re-measuring each and every inground liner pool. Even if it is a pool shape and size we have done 100 times before slight variations from the original builder can cause your new liner to fit poorly. Everyone loses when a liner doesn’t fit properly so we make sure and guarantee this doesn’t happen.


  • Liner Thickness: Inground vinyl liner material can vary in thickness from 16 mil – 28 mil or greater. The industry standard is generally 20 mils thick. A thicker liner doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last longer. The damaging effects of both the sun and chemical use will degrade any liner over time which is why most manufactures offer the same warranty independent of thickness. 12 to 15 years is a general life expectancy for any liner when measured, manufactured and installed correctly. Also, be aware of the terminology some deceptive manufactures use. A “gauge” is not a unit of measure and often times doesn’t equal a mil (one mil is one 1000ths of an inch). Don’t be fooled into buying a “20 gauge” liner which in reality is 12-14 mils thick! Sparklean specifies all of its materials with official units of measure.


  • Experience: Your vinyl Liner is by far the most critical single component to your entire inground pool. Measuring, manufacturing, and installing vinyl liners properly is a skill that many pool companies struggle with because of the great deal of expertise and experience required to get it right each and every time. As the business owner of Sparklean Pools I personally inspect and ensure that each of our liner replacement projects are done properly. I refuse to leave this difficult procedure in the hands of any employee who is less experienced than myself. While my employees will be handling various tasks during the project I will be making sure that the work is done properly from beginning to completion. We take our reputation very seriously and our track record proves it! Please take a look at our reviews page and note that our ratings on Angies List and Home Advisor are second to no other local company.