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Quality not Quantity

Sparklean Pools Inc, is a renovation and repair business that builds a limited number of custom pools every year. Our business plan is quality and not quantity. We look at the project from a slightly different viewpoint than most construction companies. Because of the renovation side of the business we have a unique vantage point of seeing what our climate and soil types does to pools 30 years and older. We are therefore able to choose the right materials with the proper building techniques for our climate. Choosing the right type of pool coupled with the right materials and procedures ensures a problem free pool for years to come.

Pennsylvania is known to have one of the highest freeze-thaw cycles of any state. The asphalt on our roadways is proof of how destructive our climate can be.  Concrete pools with a tile border and coping are a great design in warmer climates. In this part of the country our freeze-thaw cycle wreaks havoc on this construction technique requiring costly repairs. In Florida concrete inground pools with tile and plaster may never need renovation. In our neck of the woods this type of pool requires an extensive and costly overhaul every 15 years or so.  We have found that we can build custom vinyl liner inground pools for less money with the same beauty and functionality of an expensive concrete inground pool. The best part is that it lasts so much longer with far less repair costs over the life of the pool.  A liner replacement every 12-15 years is less than a quarter of the cost of replacing tile, coping and plaster.

When we contract to build a pool for a client we handle each and every part of the design, permit, construction and final testing required. We do not make use of sub contractors for each step of the way. We take full responsibility for the entire project and if we are not in your backyard working we are always just a phone call away. You will be able to speak English with each and every person in your backyard! We take our time and make sure each step is done properly. We are very schedule conscious and will only start a new project if we have the time and resources to complete on schedule. We even enroll you in our “Pool School” at the end so you understand how to care for your new purchase. If you are considering an inground pool for your property allow Sparklean Pools to help you make the best decision for your budget and peace of mind.