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The Vinyl Liner and Safety Cover Specialists in Bucks and Montgomery County Quick Quote

Renovations in Bucks County and Montgomery County

Sparklean Pools specializes in Inground Vinyl Liner Renovation Projects. Our renovation projects fall into two main catagories, Restoration and Enhancement.

Restoration Projects

One of the advantages of a vinyl liner inground pool is that the main structure can last up to 30 years or more. In order to restore an older vinyl liner pool sometimes all that is needed is a new liner. Others times the step may need to be replaced along with all underground and aboveground plumbing. Pool coping as well as concrete decking may be in need of replacement. The sand or vermiculite floor may be in poor shape particularly if the liner failed and was not replaced in a timely fashion. Pumps and filters have improved dramatically over the years and upgrading to a new energy efficient system is well worth it in the long run. Another factor that greatly affects the condition of a pool is whether or not it has remained functional for its entire life. Every year we restore pools that have been abandon for 5-10 years or more resulting in a significant amount of restoration work needed. Every pool is a little different dependent on the materials initially used at construction as well as the quality of work performed. The good news is that a liner pool is the least expensive type of pool to restore. A comprehensive understanding of original construction techniques as well as materials used is vital to not only restoring your pool to its original glory but doing it in a way that will ensure a solid future of trouble free enjoyment and use. Allow Sparklean Pools to provide you with a free quote to restore your inground vinyl liner pool.

Enhancement Projects

Years ago the only option available for a consumer was what size rectangle did they want. Your options are now only limited by your budget and your imagination. Vinyl liner pools are now available in every size and shape imaginable. The good news is that most steel wall vinyl liner pools last for over 30 years. If you have for instance a 16X32 rectangle that you would like to transform into a new shape or configuration there are many options available to you. Some of these option include but are not limited to adding a set of steps, a sun ledge, a deep end swim out, depth change, water features or even an attached spa that spills into your pool. Can you see your pool from your back deck or family room? Color changing LED lights are a great way to dress up an existing pool. Does your pool have that old style wide aluminum coping which tends to separate from your pool decking? New extruded aluminum coping offers a seamless 3/4” thin profile that not only modernizes your pool but also makes it safer by unifying your pool decking to your pool wall. The addition of EP Henry pavers or even travertine pavers (providing a cool, non slip, beautiful surface) will transform the look of your pool decking. If you are ready to discuss some options to transform your pool into a modern backyard masterpiece contact us for your free consultation.